About Us

"Viator" is Latin for traveler, hence the cool name of our company.... Viator Gear!

The company was founded on one premise, to offer a collection of the BEST travel gear available. Let's face it, traveling is not easy. It can be a royal pain in the rear. The founders of Viator Gear, Toby Grahovec and Nolan Wilson, have collectively traveled over a million miles by land, air, and sea. These years of constantly being "in transit" have inspired them to create a refuge for all travelers, ranging from the first time flier to the experienced business traveler.

We all know that there are an infinite amount of travel stores, sites, and shops on the planet today. So what makes Viator Gear different? We personally select every product before it is offered to you. We are not the "fast food" travel store in terminal C of the airport.

Viator Gear represents and stands behind every product that we sell, whether we manufacture it or not. When you order from Viator Gear, you can count on a high quality and useful product that will enhance your traveling experience.

Viator Gear is more than just a travel supply company. Think of us as your personal "travel support" company. Questions, concerns or comments about your next journey? Feel free to contact us with any questions or product suggestions that you may have, as we are happy to oblige!

Please follow us on facebook, Twitter (@ViatorGear), and Google+ to keep abreast of current promotions, new products, and website announcements. Thanks and happy travels!

The VG Crew