VIATOR GEAR Handcrafted RFID Blocking Leather Wallet - Kangaroo

The Viator Gear Handcrafted RFID wallet is truly one of a kind. 100% Made and crafted in Central Florida, USA. If you seek a wallet hand cut and hand sewn with the finest materials, this wallet is for you. This VG wallet is made of premium 2/4 ounce (1/32-1/16 thick) Kangaroo and plucked Pig skin hide. The wallet is triple stitched for strength using the highest quality nylon thread on the market. The RFID protection for your credit cards is second to none. Imported from Italy, the interwoven RFID ARMOR is used by the United States and European Militaries to protect their signals and communications. This material is certified and the BEST protection available today. RFID means Radio Frequency Identification. Most credit cards, drivers licenses, keyless cards and passports have microchips that emit waves. These waves can be intercepted and read by handheld devices anywhere by identity thieves. Our Military Grade fabric sewn within our wallets contains the signals of your private information and gives you total protection wherever you are. Each wallet is 100% handmade of Vegetable Tanned leather and has its own characteristics and personality. No two are the same. The leather only improves with age. This wallet carries a life long guarantee.

Product Code: VG100